ClassFit Box

A one hour class based on a mixture of cardio exercises and boxing ‘pad work’ with a partner. A great one to bring a friend along to, this class often flies by because it’s fun to punch your friends. Your core and arms will be sore after this one, we recommend that you bring your own boxing gloves, wraps, and pads but we do have some available to use. #Rocky #RockyII #RockyIII #RockyIV #RockyV

ClassFit Cardio

A one hour class based on training to improve your stamina. This class usually involves many different exercises, often just using your own body-weight. Expect very little rest as we aim to keep the heart and breathing rate quite high during this class. All exercises given can be adapted for various levels of fitness to ensure the class is accessible for all. You are guaranteed to burn lots of calories in this one. #cardio #stamina

ClassFit Power

A one hour class with shorter rounds, fewer reps, and slightly longer rest periods. The exercises in this class are often explosive, full body movements helping to improve your speed and strength. However as with all of our classes, the exercises can be adapted to suit all fitness levels. #speed #strength

ClassFit Endurance

A one hour class with longer rounds and higher rep counts. This type of class burns fat and produces long, lean muscles. Like cardio, the word β€˜rest’ won’t be used much during this hour. Resilience and determination required. #getfit #stayfit

ClassFit HIIT

High intensity interval training, often working ‘on the buzzer’ this 40 minute class is a popular one with our regulars as it often feels like you’ve done an hours worth of work in 40 minutes. #HIIT