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Training in the morning
To run a successful business you need a website with content added frequently to impact your search engine ranking. Apparently a blog is the best way of doing that. So here we go, this is our first blog…

Firstly, I want to point out I don’t really want to write a blog, spilling my heart online is not my style. Having said that, I tell the kids all the time at school that sometimes in life we have to do things we don’t want to do and that’s just the way it is, so I’m doing it. On a positive note it’s good for us to create fresh content, fitness goals, tips and keep members up to date on the latest information to come out of the industry. Advice tells us to use tag lines such as, ‘lose your belly fat in two weeks’… If I knew how to do that without creating an unhealthy calorie deficit which is not sustainable, I wouldn’t have belly fat. But I do.

However, I do know how to make exercise part of my daily routine. I worked from home this week and the days I trained in the morning I performed my workload that day significantly better than the days I left it until later on. After exercise I was more motivated, more productive and more positive in general. This then had a significant impact on my mood and my energy levels as a Dad and husband which also made my wife happy. So getting up an hour early to exercise improved my life in a range of different ways.

Key things to remember when training in the morning are:

  • lay out your gear the night before
  • write out your session the night before
  • have things like your lunch and work bag packed the night before
  • plan your training at least a week in advance (see pic)
  • share your plan with your other half so they can support you

These ideas are not going to break the internet but they are trialed and tested and will help you get out of bed, get your exercise done early, and boost your productivity and energy levels for the rest of the day. COVID 19 has forced us into many changes, and we feel that most of them have improved our business. Early morning training has been popular from the very beginning with 6am classes proving to be extremely popular between August and November 2020. Since being dumped into tier 3 and not being allowed to run classes we have tweaked our timetable to allow for more open gym slots first thing in the morning. The dark mornings make it more difficult but if you follow the tips above I’m sure this will make it easier and I have no doubt you’ll feel the benefits. Thanks, Joe #classfituk #getfitstayfit #northshieldsfitness #opengym #traininginthemorning