ClassFit Timetable


Prices from January 2019

£6 – 1 class

£50 – 10 class pass (saving £10)

£50 – Rolling monthly contract (worth paying if you come 3 or more times per week)

£120 – 3 months membership (saving £30)

£200 – 6 months membership (saving £50)

ClassFit is a small family run gym with a friendly community atmosphere based on North Shields Fish Quay. We run unique functional fitness classes aimed at different areas of fitness for all abilities. We are strictly #nofads.

Our members and regulars make our gym special, they are supportive, committed, and always up for a challenge. Last summer a team of 40 of us competed against the North Tyneside Beach Lifeguards to run the King Eddie’s Bay stairs on repeat for 8 hours in order to raise money for the RNLI and TVLB. Together we raised over £2500, and ran over 200,000 stairs adding up to a distance of over 500 miles. #RNLI #TVLB #Charity 

This North Shields based gym doesn’t sell ‘lose weight fast’ packages. If you want change and want it to be permanent, we recommend 3-5 classes per week, every week, to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. We don’t sell diet plans but we recommend cooking from scratch and a balanced diet, including occasional treats. #nofads #northshieldsfishquay

If you have made the decision to make exercise a part of your life, we can help you change shape, burn fat, get stronger and faster, and improve your stamina. You might even have fun doing it. We promise you will feel better after every class and sleep like a baby. #healthyactivelifestyle #classfit


Joe Elliott – I’m a PE teacher by day working in a local school in Northumberland. I have always loved sport, I grew up playing football and eventually ended up playing for my home town North Shields FC during quite a successful period in their history. Towards the end of my football career I started training to complete an Ironman Triathlon because I love a challenge and spent my childhood running, cycling and swimming. After completing the Ironman and retiring from football I found I was missing the club/community aspect of training so Katie and I decided to do our qualifications and open a gym based on functional fitness classes. I love full body explosive exercises that flow into one another seamlessly such as the Burpee Box Jump. #northshieldsfc #ironman #iloveburpees


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